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Breathtaking view:
13 June 2008

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Lake View
10 June 2008

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divine light
9 June 2008

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Pillu :)
5 May 2008

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Best Trip Ever
4 May 2008

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Awesome Effect :)
5 March 2008

Recent Comments

vj on Uncontrolled flow
its nature's canvas

4ah on Feel The Fragnance :)
Work of Art.

4ah on Uncontrolled flow
Water or Clouds? I'm vexed.

4ah on Breathtaking view:
Gosh! Beautiful!!

SUN.~ on Breathtaking view:

vivek on Breathtaking view:
hi abhi... this is when u come towards hld frm nainital

Desparado on Breathtaking view:
Wow! walk over clouds...which place is this???

Barry on Pillu :)
Beautiful Shepard! Great Picture.

Desparado on Best Trip Ever
mast hai yaar...IS baar main b chalunga:)

Brittney on VJ in Action :)
haha nice...a self-portrait eh?

Cecilia on Lake Valley:)
It looks so peaceful!

Desparado on Natural Effect :)
nice intersting u should hv posted it in horizontal...luks great though!

Desparado on Divine Sight :)
Talk of halo over deity's head!

Desparado on Awesome Effect :)
blue tint makes it an interesting shot...wat was d original colour of d flowers?

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